Semalt Explains How To Scrape Data With The Screen Scraping Tool

Web scraping is a famous term in the programming world. It allows us to collect useful data from different sources and helps grow our businesses. For years, web scrapers have been used to extract information from various web pages, article directories, online forums, travel portals, news outlets, and shopping websites. Screen Scraping is a relatively new tool, and you don't need any programming skills to get benefited from it. This tool is great for both enterprises and freelancers as it can make your work easier and faster. The main features of the Screen Scraping tool are mentioned below.

1. Compares prices easily

With Screen Scraping tool, you can easily compare prices of different shopping websites such as Amazon and eBay. It also collects, organizes and monitors the quality of your data while it is being extracted. In addition, this tool edits and fixes all minor issues and helps you access the pricing information of different products.

2. Scrapes social media sites

Programmers and developers often complain that the ordinary screen scraping tools cannot extract information from the social networking sites. Unlike those scraping applications, Screen Scraping tool extracts useful data from Facebook and Twitter and organizes it in a scalable format.

3. Makes online research easy

This tool is great for researchers, teachers and students because it scrapes data from online journals and eBooks easily. You can scrape the content of different educational websites and post it as your own. But you would have to take care of the copyright and trademark laws while extracting data from an online source. In general, this tool helps students obtain and organize information from different sites. It helps them prepare accurate assignments and scrape up to ten thousand web pages in an hour.

4. A powerful web crawler:

Screen Scraping is an advanced tool when it comes to indexing different web pages. It allows us to launch multiple crawlers at a time, and we don't need to monitor what is going on in the background. We would highlight the data and this tool will store the scraped information in its own database. In addition, you can use it to crawl different complex web pages and thus improve the performance of your website. Screen Scraping tool is great for webmasters and helps them improve the search engine ranking of their sites and blogs.

Scrape Data with the Screen Scraping Tool:

For your ease, here is step-by-step description of how to start web scraping with this awesome tool:

Step 1: Click on the Screen Scraping tool in your Design tab. This tool will detect each individual element with its unique values.

Step 2: It is important to select the scraping method and the format of your data. Usually, the Screen Scraping tool presents data in CSV and JSON formats.

Step 3: Click on the Continue button to start scraping. This tool will first collect the information for you, organize and scrape it in a desirable format. Don't forget to download the scraped data to your hard drive for offline uses.

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